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We the researchers & research practitioners at Image India have individual professional experience of varied areas of research with multiple specializations over two and a half to three decades. And the decades long initiatives in the field of research has resulted in special caliber of almost equally high  proficiency in all the three research areas here at ‘Image India’.

Though the three broad research faculties have multitude sub areas, our  approach have been to be both exhaustive & comprehensive with the purpose of generating key actionable outcomes & recommendations. Unmindful  no matter how small or gigantic the expanse of the study might be.

In industrial research however the initiatives are recent and have emerged from the knowledge needs in the various consultancy and strategic advisory assignments engaged in Image India . The results are encouraging and in much demand by the clients of this emerging sector.

In MR It may seem an over kill at times when a questionnaire is so long. So much private information we have delved a fact that so many respondents we are contacting …
The personality type of the respondent takes a backseat as a inclusive concept and gets finally renegade to the spare tyre compartment. Personality-wise ‘cross-tabulation’ speaks a whole new language. It reveals dimensions of respondents behavior & mindset in anew perspective with lot of strategic potential.


The consumer studies at Image India is both broad breath and in depth in approach. It covers all studies (slim version as dip stick and full scale comprehensive as syndicated) for generation of ideas, testing of concepts, development of brand and products, pre-launch, post launch & monitoring studies. Besides media studies, advertising studies, creative development studies (as copy test) and the usuals of gap analysis, market estimation, potential estimation as well as consumer brand analysis …

Studies are conducted for generation of ideas, testing of concepts, development of brand and products, pre-launch, post launch & monitoring studies. Product development studies, advertising, packaging & product mix studies, segmentation & market mix …

Making markets & marketing work for you.


Social Research is seriously, the deep-waters of research, where governments, social organisations and public interest groups are known to indulge. Also ‘Social Responsibility’ & the ‘welfare’ sections of the commercial organisations (under the aegis of CSR) run initiatives of research in this area too.
Evaluation studies, Baseline Studies, Validity studies, Construct (Concept) development studies, ‘Problem’ definition/identification studies, Impact -Awareness studies, Cluster development studies, Beneficiary expectation & Satisfaction Studies, SERVQAl studies, Opinion studies, Polls, Exit Polls, Discriminant & Preference studies, Action Research and so on are some of the issues & thesis incorporated in the works of ‘Social Research studies’ here …

Are your social programs effective?


In industrial research we take a broad and in-depth perspective of business process issues and venturing at all three levels namely business unit level (SBU, Profit Center & Cost Center), functional level and the front line/shop floor level.
This includes competitor study (in organization and marketing impact terms), environmental studies, business cycle evaluations, as value chain analysis, situational analysis, entry & exit barrier studies, vendor analysis, distribution depth study, dealer & distribution psyche and marketing analysis. Besides intact evaluation, customer satisfaction monitoring studies such as end users & OEM listing, satisfaction analysis, bottlenecks and problem identification studies too are conducted …

Organizational Research ; Strategic Research

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