Polls & Omnibus

Polls & Opinion Polls

Digging deep into  the lay public thoughts & opinions we fish out the attitudes and action predictables .

Resorting to the usual tools of Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Campaign Development Studies , Slogan Standardization studies , Symbol & Story studies.

People’s Meter — a longitudinal study town/city based using Panels & diagnostic surveys the data meat is further enhanced by inputs from qualitative inputs form limited Depth Interviews & Focus Group Discussions – imbibing the insights from time to time.Local ‘talkabouts’ & issues are tested fortnightly / monthly followed by a full fledged diagnostic analysis quarterly/ bimonthly.

Political Typology Studies 

Map the political spectrum of a community and a locality through secondary data analysis, ‘Delphi’ method and analysis includes selective brain storming.

Quick Poll Studies

Rush polls via listing, CATI & CAPI enable short notice analysis and feedback …. within 48 hrs.

Omnibus Studies

Lead  Retailers Omnibus Study :  CENTER – Delhi

In all zones of Delhi the study covers the  prime market places & Malls to collect data and question responses relevant to the brands & product categories in question to generally provide details of —

  • Retailers opinion about the brand … its lift-off, its relevance and the interest aroused.
  • Consumers opinion on essentility of the brand and category, near future inclusion in the grocery list, issues & satisfaction.


RI translates your questions into Hindi  and English Field work starts Field work ends
22-Nov 29-Nov 08-Dec
Data entry and processing Datasets and frequency tables ready
09-12-2019 13-Dec

Exit Polls using CAPI with results turnaround as fast as 3 hours.

Opinion poll using both CATI and CAPI . Capability to handle both Hindi Belt & Eastern India in one go.