Founder Promoter of Researchindia Mr Shubhankar Ray has a long career as Product Manager, Advertising Professional & a hard core Researcher — especially in the field of ‘Market Research’ .
With years of grounding in Pychometrics & Tool Development he has had the leverage of venturing successfully in some large government & international projects in Social Research besides his core genre of Marketing & Market studies.
He is credited with developing personality analysis template in the qualitative analysis & content study of Focus Group Discussions.

An IMT Ghaziabad alumnus he has spent valuable corporate years at Daft FCB, Basis Consultancy, ABC – Of Uncle Chipps fame. Spending good eras both in Mumbai & Delhi.

Ms V Saran, Sr. Partner

A doyen of social initiatives Mrs V Saran has a decade long experience in social research, initiatives and healthcare … of the ‘clinical research’ pioneering fame in North India.
An IIT Roorkee alumnus she unveils a Masters degree in Chemistry as well as a specialized certification in clinical research.

Quality Initiatives are her latest ‘Burden Of Love ‘ at Researchindia. Super focused on detail, penchant about schedules & sworn to authenticity … she qualifies herself for her role at Researchindia as the “Quality Head”.

Dr Garima Shukla, Consultant On Board
An accomplished psychologist and a senior research consultant  you would feel her touch and guidance in all our social and consumer projects.