Key omnibus studies

At present two very powerful syndicated studies are in operation which can double up as omnibus studies.
1) Brand status studies
2) Brand barometric studies

Brand Status studies
A ready reckoner for the status of your brand and of your competitive position. The study beckons your brand on to its brand goals every week, every month & every quarter. It advises you on…
•  The effectiveness of your advt. spends.
•  Potentiality of your communication & various media platforms engaged.
•  Reverberation of your current brand strengths & changes in the strengths.
•  Success of brand positioning and drifts of change in brand positioning.
•  Consumer moods, trends and comprehension of consumer segments of your brand properties, brand knowledge and brand promise credibility.

Brand barometric studies
Tracking brand volumes, estimating market shares and pipeline movement is this intelligently devised collection of dip stick studies. Making descriptive analysis of movement of volumes, identification of bottlenecks in the pipeline, analysis of channel efficiency, evaluating trade schemes and identifying trade gaps and potentials.
It is a longitudinal study incorporating benchmarking, with fortnightly and monthly periodicity.
The highlights of the study are
•  Study of all levels of the trade -- C&F, distributor, dealer and retailer.
•  Study of wholesale markets and mandies / bulk markets included in most product categories.
•  Chiefly quantitative tools used. Qualitative tools as DIs used intermittently and selectively.