social research

Commercial social research is a prime initiative for Image India .Social surveys, controlled observational studies, natural experiments and in ex-post-facto experiments etc,it is proposed to study properties of different objects under profile matrices and the relationship among them is measured with the help of proximity matrices.
Discourse analysis, content analysis as well as the quasi experimental forays as grounded theory concepts are also used for the close study of naturally occurring interactions. Conceptual models are built using the memoing method to study relation among themes. Statistics like Cohen's kappa are applied to measure the agreement between observed and expected results. Ethnographic decision model (EDMs) are used to predict the kind of choice made under specific circumstances. This boils down to diagnostic personality testing , sociogram studies of organizations , action research, Sentinel studies, monitoring studies, evaluation studies , baseline studies ,gender dynamics studies, mortality studies , opinion and opinion dynamic studies, demographic dynamics studies as some of the studies regularly undertaken by us. Moreover socio economic studies, community sustainability analysis and development studies are also fervently conducted to keep a constant check on the different and the critical social issues.
Further the more popular polls and pshephology studies too are a regular feature here. Analytic induction and Boolean tests are some of the other formal and qualitative methods used for building up casual explanation of phenomena from a close examination of cases. A team of dedicated sociologists, psychologists, professional field personnel and a mass of volunteers steer the execution of the socio studies pan India by us .