Services Offered


‘Research Studies’- Complete / full service  from “problem formulation” to “recommendations & report writing” — including ‘Research Proposal’ building’, ‘Execution & Monitoring’ of fieldwork, ‘Data Analysis’ {including scrutiny, validation & tabulation}, interpretation of analysis & report writing. 9 Understandably the client’s domain & background analysis is also synthesized with client’s brief leading to an enriched situation analysis and report).


High end data analysis both qualitative & quantitative. Along with analysis we also provide interpretation and ‘Report Writing’ development and assistance.

Here we operate as outsourcing vendors for — ‘Research Agencies’, ‘Individual Researchers & Scholars’ product & research management cells of Corporates, Advertising Agencies & other other parties with “Interest”.


Consultancy services for ‘Product management’ & ‘Communication Management’ initiatives built on data analysis & research. Here we operate as outside consultants for the organisation and are engage on hourly basis offering — “Researcher Hours” & “Consultant Hours”. Our thinkers effectively operate as part of your ‘In-house’ Management & Research team.

Consumer Studies
• i]. Syndicated Studies
• ii]. Customized Studies
• iii]. Monitoring Studies
• iv]. Media Studies

Social Studies
• i]. Customized Studies
• ii]. Monitoring & Evaluation Studies
• iii]. Baseline Studies
• iv]. Communication Studies

BRAND PLANNING – Offline & Online 

Industrial Studies
• i]. Go/ No Go Studies
• ii]. Business Cycle evaluation
• iii]. Market Evaluation
• iv]. Environment Study
• v]. Opinion Studies
• vi]. Customer satisfaction Monitoring

Consearch SME – Digital Add On

Digital Brand Planning is the added services that puts your concurrent both in the offline and the digital market sphere.
The ‘Digital Brand Planning Report’ contains such actionable startegic inputs as the relevant competing products & brands in the digital space, the search created traffic to keyword market reality, value perception of your offering and marketebility strategic inputs as — content type & tone , social presence style & digital media/mode choices recommendations.
Putting it briefly you are hand held by the ‘report’ as t o what to to , how to do as well as explaining to you the logic of doing the steps elucidated.