Customized Studies & Tools

The tools of research – both qualitative & quantitative are deluged today with a number of new additions broadly categorized as social media research , big data studies, social media studies and a number of other used but non validated techniques as neuro response methods.

But at the actionable and reliable sphere the suitability of these offerings is dependent on specific case / problem requirement.

However research techniques, some of which have a legacy of more than 100 years have stayed reliable and valid across multiple situation cultures & issues depending much on the robustness of the researchers design and usage.

Given this much of the jury is out on which of the newer developed techniques & methods work and stay reusable & reliable.

And hence here our proprietary perspective & expertise stay critical to the quality of findings, reports & recommendations.

Making best of the merging communication technology we did incorporate a number of data collection techniques -CATI, CAPI, DIGITAL FORMS, etc Besides we have continued to incorporate with caution and in selective ares -DIGITAL FGS and DIGITAL DIs.Currently we continue to develop cloud based technology to get big data inputs more in the area of developing backgrounder & trends know how of the the target sectors. Our in-house expertise in machine language utilities and search keyword analysis help us incorporate the digital space inputs making our study approach concurrent & comprehensive.


For Customized & Syndicated Study: Schema & Mindset
Mapping your consumers mind in real time. His notions, expectation, prejudices & his imagery.The study maps the mind using advanced standardized techniques of ‘Multi Dimensional Scaling & Factor Analysis’. Further in-depth ‘Personality Type Analysis’ is available both in its ‘Customized’ and ‘Syndicated Versions’.