Syndicated Studies Tools

Attitude and lifestyle inventory studies, celebrity choice studies, brand ‘trust’ and brand choice studies, child influencer studies, brand status studies, brand barometric studies, media / cable preference to psychographic / personality type segmentation studies, shopping pattern studies, message to schema context studies etc are some of the syndicated study services offered by us.

The tools include panels, in-use, diary, log book analysis etc. Sampling usually is stratified random enabling liberty to segment & cross tabulate with maximum accuracy through the breadth of urban, metro and mini metro markets of north India.The field runs for these longitudinal and par cross-sectional studies are intensive and short. Validation and analysis is urgent and based on analysis using the advanced & upgraded software usage as well as consults with senior pyschometricians & statisticians.

The results & reports are delivered within 24, 48 and 72 hours depending on the kind of run from the day of completion of field work.

The subscription for these studies are available on periodic, in part and ‘grand slam’ – economical – full package basis.

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Longitudinal studies
The process of data to decisions is well define in its parameters and format. However in longitudinal studies the process is at its perfection. Longitudinal studies are continuous studies over a time period. Hence as the data is collected on standard parameters again and again in the studies, the errors gets minimized. Smart and convenient comparison of analysis over different time periods means the researcher also can draw valid and confident conclusions. Yet not everything is Hunky Dory. Sampling needs to be done carefully and tendencies such as good fake tendency may increase in these studies by the respondents.
Many of the syndicated studies that we conduct are longitudinal studies.